Thursday, February 3, 2011

She wasn't quite fast enough

Not exactly a killing spree,but a good hunt nonetheless.
I had sometime to make a couple stands this late afternoon.My first stand didn't produce so much as a tirad of screams from a red squirrel.On my second stand,it was a different story.It's a nice open old,drained out beaver pond with a tamarack/balsam swamp on the northeast side.The open area is dotted with old driftwood stumps and pussy willow brush,and marsh grass,with a narrow creek running through it.I had a SW light breeze,and approached this area from the NW.,I made my way toward the creek and sat on the NW corner of this little honey hole,with the swamp about 75 yds to my left,with me facing SE,giving me a cross wind.

After getting situated,I pulled out my homemade howler,I carved from a piece of maple,and used a mouth piece from an old JohnnyStewart howler.I let out a high pitched lone howl.Immediately, I had coyotes directly to my east respond with howls and yips,only about 300yds away.CRAP!!!,I had myself in a tight situation,if these coyotes came in downwind,they would be hard left and in thick brush 75yds away,they would probably wind me before stepping out into the open.

I sat quiet for about 5 min.,not moving,just scanning the terrain looking for a sneaker.I couldn't see nothing coming or moving.So decided to give a couple low muffled bunny screams,as an added appetizer, then went silent.After about another 5 min. of scanning with my eyes before moving my head,I spotted a coyote 45yds to my hard left,checking the wind,facing me,I knew I didn't have much time before he caught my scent flappin' in the breeze.With nothing between me and the coyote except 45yds and beat down marsh grass,and the creek,I eased my .243 off the shooting sticks,with one eye on the coyote.She was starting to move NW,not alarmed or anything,just trying to get a better vantage of the wind.I finally got my rifle off the sticks and pointed in her direction.Just as I centered the cross hairs on her broadside chest,her head popped right up and looked right at me,I lit the fire and down she went,with a little tuft of fur floating away in the breeze.It was a tense situation,knowing any second,my movement or my scent would get me busted,which did,but not soon enough for this gal,she was a second too slow.

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