Thursday, February 3, 2011

An Afternoon Coyote Hunt

It was a nice sunny day today and little wind,it was nice for change compared to the cloudy windy days we've been having.So I headed out calling about 3pm,I figured I'd get a couple stands in before dark.On my way to my first spot I found a roadkill that coyotes and ravens have been feeding on.So I checked around the area to find a spot to setup down wind about a 1/2 mile down the road so I could come in behind and call into the wind.But the plan didnt work,so off to my spot I was headed to.This spot is an old drained out beaver pond with the dam reminants still there.The beaver have been gone for a few years now and all thats left is a small stream running through the middle of it.It covers about 18 acres and is just old driftwood looking stumps and pussy willow brush scattered about,pretty open for calling and its surrounded by tamarack and cedar swamps on the N,S and east side,with a hardwood ridge running along the west side.I normally come in on a trail on the south west side,it's about a 1/3 mile from the gravel road,but today the light breeze was coming from that direction.So I decided to come in from the NW,which was about a 1/2 mile hike through the hardwoods and deep snowcover.When I got to the clearing of the old pond,I hung my whirling woodpecker from a willow bush and took my seat in front of an old stump 10yds to the north.I waited a few minutes to relax and catch my breath,then started on the distress cries on my new antler call from Arky Yoter.I could see about 200-400 yds in a fan shape in front of me.The wind was going from right to left and barely noticable.Looking across the dried up pond,which basically turned into a marsh,I checked every stump and clump for any movement that may be an incoming coyote.But after nothing showed,I checked my watch,21 minutes went by.Just as I looked up,I caught movement in front of me 300yds out.It was a coyote coming in on a trot with head down in stealth mode.The late afternoon noon sun turned her fur into a golden shine as she moved acroos the frozen marsh.About a 170yds out she stopped and looked in the direction of the woodpecker in it's death throws,then she looked left,then right,then swiped the air above her with her nose,checking for danger,then dropped her head and came at a trot once again.After another 40 yds or so she stopped and repeated the same routine,then looked at the whirling woodpecker again.By this time I had her in my scope and decided to take the shot,with the cross hairs sitting on her chest where the windpipe enters the ribcage,I sent a 100gr sierra from the .243 into the boiler room through the front door.Her butt hit the snow and she slowly tipped over backwards,a 120yds out.She was finished with her last hunt.By the time I got home it was dark,but I was satisfied with a hunt that fell together as planned.That antler call from Arky Yoter sure does sing some beautiful music,and coupled with the whirling woodpecker proved to be a deadly combo this afternoon.

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