Sunday, February 13, 2011

Meet Harry

Harry was a hairy critter. He was the terror of his territory. Skilled at ambush and murder, thriving on the screams of his unsuspecting victims. I ran into Harry one morning while doing a calling stand. Harry was one of those seasoned killers that liked sneaking in the back door. And this time was no different, after a series of mournful cries and hideous screams I felt the cold presence of a veteran killer behind me. I slowly turned looking with my eyes before my head followed. Out of the corner of my eye I seen the fleeting glimpse of a bushy killer stealthily slipping away to the comfort of his domain.
    Feeling defeated I started to wonder what it would take to hood wink this apparently sharp killer into making a fatal mistake and put his hide on a stretcher.Now he'll be even more cautious to the seemingly soothing death cries he has come to drool over.He was now a cynic.
  I waited about a week before I went back with my well plotted assassination. I had in my back pocket a fellow caller we'll call Mike to protect the innocent. Mike was a skilled assassin as myself but was more of a long range pistoleer toting his 22-250 Savage Striker bolt. On this cold afternoon with the sun setting over the vast western snow covered field of this property, I positioned  myself where ole Harry got the drop on me. My assistant assailant I positioned 100 yds towards downwind where I figured Harry was resting before his night time murderous escapades.
  Once we were in our tactical positions, I went into blatant intruder mode blowing on the open reed howler, howling and barking like I owned the place.This in turned awakened Harry from his dreams of bloody bunnies dancing in the clover. In an instant Harry was up and running in full homicidal battle mode. He was not about to put up with some seemingly young pup enjoying himself in his domain, and he was going to make that perfectly clear in a well planned action of attack that would send the hapless intruder to the land of shame. Harry stealthily exercised his mode of attack, going for the back door that has been his ally so many times in the past. This time his ally turned adversary, on his approach to the back door he discovered a gate keeper standing in the door way with the key to the other side. At 257 yds Harry hesitated trying to access what lie in his way and on the otherside, but it must of been too much for him to digest. For Harry choked on a 40 grain pill that got caught in his windpipe delivered by the good doctor Mike from his 22-250 pill dispenser. Thus Harry's murderous ways came to an end on that cold fateful day in January. You could almost hear the snowfall as the quiet and stillness of the moment  fell across the land.
  As we gazed upon his amazing carcass, his fur was that you would only see adorning the collars of the most fortunate of ladies.

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